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Many words have been said about it sweet, kind and beloved film of my (and but not only my, however) childhood. I enjoy this film for the sincerity and kindness. Going how growing up That i ran to the TV to convert about the cassette and love this animated creation again. Then, of course, I didn't understand much, but that wouldn't prevent me from loving this cartoon. Recently, my friend provided to watch it and away we go, as the saying goes to the Internet ... I watched animated Balto (1995) movie on #link# free online.

As I started looking, hundreds of memories flooded into me. Not sometime ago, I'm going through the difficult period in living and lost faith in myself, my strengths and capabilities. You already know, I definitely needed to see this cartoon as a way to understand again that I'm strong, that I need to believe in myself when no one needs it. It absolutely was a form, brave, strong half-wolf who could make me think that I'm efficient at anything if I actually want to. Let's lets forget about me and my feelings and resume Balto.

So, let's check out main characters:

I, in principle, have previously described Balto, but I would like to talk about him a good deal and for a long time. I've got always admired Balto's excessive kindness. Despite every one of the grievances, difficulties, he continues to help you both people and dogs. Isn't that an awesome quality, huh? Brilliant sweet love for Jenna cannot go unnoticed. I loved their gentle, feeling-filled moments of nose bumping as well like that.

Boris is a little cowardly, but madly funny goose. His phrases were amused through the entire cartoon. And, generally speaking, I believe that he played an integral role making Balto accept himself as he could be and have confidence in himself. Ok, I almost forgot. In addition, i adore his relationship with cute cubs (who fear so much water, but swim great!): Poppy and Lak.

Steele is easily the most selfish character you can find in cartoons. Honestly, Irrrve never seen a whole lot self-esteem, arrogance, selfishness and, all things considered, hypocrisy. For his own purposes, he'll talk about the heads, and I don't really like such qualities. It's a waste that folks like Steele have become more and more common and that can't be changed.

I am able to safely refer to this cartoon a Masterpiece and I won't lie at all. I love every minute of this glorious piece. movie review Because of working team for the idea, brilliantly delivered to life.

I think it doesn't need an evaluation, of course, if it does, then only

10 of 10 movie review