In the land of the blinds oneeyed is king

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In recent years, a huge wave of horror films and thrillers has hit the world cinema market. Slashery, gore, zombie movies, exploitation - in a word, something for everyone. Unfortunately, most of these films are of little value, they are based on well-worn schemes and cheap tricks, no longer surprising the viewer.

Among this crowd of thrillers, "Orphan" definitely stands out, whose director is the little-known Spanish creator - Jaume Collet Serra. The movie itself is hard to type in one genre, because it has the features of both horror and the genre called psychological thriller.

First of all, it is a picture definitely uncommon and carefully thought out from the initial subtitles to the surprising finale. In purely fictional terms, "Orphan" does not shock, but at the same time gives a solid starting point for further events. Happy family, big house, averted marriage crisis, what more could you ask for? best free movie streaming sites Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John (Peter Sarsgaard) The Colemans are married couples who, trying to reconcile with the death of their unborn child, decide to adopt.

In a nearby orphanage, they meet a girl of Russian descent - Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), whom they eventually take in. Since the appearance of the title orphan, the situation at home changes like a landscape after a tsunami.

An innocent creature turns out to be the daughter of Satan (not literally), and as the action unfolds, it reveals itself more and more. The director does not play in vague secrets and directly shows us the true character of the characters, while keeping the characters in ignorance and not making the story shallower. When Esther begins to threaten the Coleman children, Kate reacts and I want to send the girl back to the orphanage. At this point, the plot branches out and comes to the thread belonging to the genre called "paranoid thriller", in which the main character (in this case a worried mother) is cornered by the close relatives who do not believe her. This aspect was exemplary, while the heroine's inability and paranoia are almost equal to Polanski's "Rosemary's Child". The acting game leaves little to be desired and is of a very high standard. Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard are experienced actors, quite charismatic and able to bear a difficult role. To the big applause Isabelle Fuhrman, who gave the character Esther an amazing character, thanks to which the girl intrigues and repels at the same time.

 "Orphans" are definitely one-eyed in the land of cheesy, blind horror films and remakes and a peculiar gem of the genre. This film definitely hit my taste, terrified, caught, surprised and caught on in memory. I think that just over two hours is enough to cause an avalanche of emotions in the viewer, and "Orphan" is a perfect example of this. .