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It is 200 m long with the reef high being at simply a couple of metres. Mating season is in early summer time within the northwest Atlantic Ocean and southwest Indian Ocean, though females captured within the Pacific have been discovered with embryos yr spherical, suggesting a longer mating season there. The shark is viviparous—embryos develop in utero and are fed by a placental sac. Litter sizes vary from one to fifteen with the young born at a size round 0.6 m .
The native Hurghada dive websites can be fairly interesting, with many coral reef websites dotted around Giftun Island. There is an interesting cave passage to explore at Umm Gamar but heading into the northern region is where the most effective action really is. We supply all levels of diving from beginner tasters to advanced ranges.
Males attain sexual maturity at 1.7 to 1.9 m (5.6 to six.2 ft) and females about 1.eight to 2.0 m (5.9 to six.6 ft). In the Gulf of Mexico in the 1950s, the imply weight of oceanic whitetip sharks was 86.4 kg .
Sexual maturity is reached around 1.seventy five m for males and 2 m for females. However, its food plan can be far more varied and fewer selective—it's known to eat threadfins, stingrays, sea turtles, birds, gastropods, crustaceans, and mammalian carrion. The bony fish it feeds on embody lancetfish, oarfish, barracuda, jacks, dolphinfish, marlin, tuna, and mackerel. Its feeding strategies include biting into groups of fish and swimming via colleges of tuna with an open mouth.
A pod of dolphins might come into sight if luck is on your aspect. Whispered accounts of sailfish and a "resident" tiger shark additionally stir your creativeness as you scan the blue. In the Shadwan and Gubal islands region there are several fantastic wreck dives, together with the Abu Nuhas wrecks, the Rosalie Moller, the Kingston, Ulysses, Salem Express and Gubal Barge.
These wrecks supply a lot selection in terms of historical past, sort, age and depth that you'll need a number of days of diving right here to become familiar with all that Hurghada has to offer. There is even a house reef where dolphin encounters are extremely likely.

  • The Salem Express is taken into account to be probably the greatest wreck dives on the planet, a nicely-revered however sombre dive, with the hull now encrusted in coral.

  • Makadi Bay, round 30km to the north, can be a wonderful alternative, providing a half-means home between the dive sites of Hurghada and Safaga, but not as well known to vacationers.

Dive Logs In “Hurghada”

Where can the Salem Express wreck be found?

Resting at around 90 feet (25 meters) off Safaga, just south of Hurghada, the MV Salem Express is one of the most controversial wrecks in the Red Sea.

Peter Benchley, creator of Jaws, observed this shark swimming amongst pilot whales and eating their faeces. longimanus has a 'typical', although somewhat flattened requiem shark physique, often with a mildly humpbacked aspect. It is gray-bronze dorsally and white ventrally, with some mottling on the fins. The largest specimen ever caught measured four m , an exceptionally giant measurement contemplating few specimens are known to exceed a length of three m (9.eight ft). The female is typically larger than the male by 10 cm (3.9 in).

We provide bubble makers, open water, advanced and specialty programs as much as the extent of dive master and dive instructors. We have daily recreational dives, snorkeling, stay-abroad and Dolphin House journeys. The abundance of warm, clear water helps new and inexperienced divers to really feel snug underwater, making the Red Sea and glorious choice for these hoping to enroll of their first scuba diving course. As you realize, the Red Sea is taken into account to be one of the 7 wonders of the underwater world with more than 1.000 species of invertebrates, 1.one hundred species of fish and 200 species of soppy and hard corals. Carless Reef is round 14 km north east of Hurghada, between Shaab Umm Qamar and Giftun island. diving with sharks hurghada