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Degrassi, an original production by CBC or otherwise known as Canadian Broadcasting Corporation would be a television series in Canada during the 80's and early 90's. Those who passed the audition for Degrassi last year, 2011, are now the ones acting at Degrassi: The next Generation, the show already. The show being aired on CTV, affiliates of CTV together with Much Music at present is a production of Epitome Musicals or plays. If you want to undergo auditions for Degrassi, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of first.
Auditions for Degrassi is open exclusively for Canadian citizens additionally it is a must for anyone that undergoing auditions for your show to reside within the Ontario area, a a part of Toronto and the second largest province of Canada. Universal Model Brings World's Greatest Casting Calls & Auditions need as main characters or extras must be over 12 years old but below 18 years old. So, if you is a Canadian who meets the age criteria and lives in Ontario, you already purchased a ticket for that auditions. The auditions are held inside entire season as needed, but the show always actively seeks new talents. The difficulty of auditions for Degrassi can be said as moderately challenging but it be better if you will have ample preparation to have a better chance to be hired for the show.
The documents that you need for an audition for Degrassi are your curriculum vitae, your head shot in 8 x10 format, and photo identification.
How to Plan for Auditions for Degrassi
1. If write your curriculum vitae, note your experiences in acting, your height, your weight, your personal skills as well as your personal appearance (specify the color of your eyes and hair). You need 10 copies of your curriculum vitae.
2. Disney Channel Audition for Teens is highly recommended to work with a pro photographer for your photo or head shot. 10 copies are needed as in reality. You can ensure that you can provide each and any one member among the audition panel and others who request for your pictures you have many shots of your photo.
3. Send the requirements to this address:
Degrassi Casting
Epitome Pictures
220 Bartley Drive
Toronto, ON M4A1G1
If the casting team wishes to have you scheduled for an interview or in-person audition, they will get in contact with you.
4. Epitome Productions hold open-call auditions. Check local newspapers and visit the Degrassi and Epitome site online for open-call auditions.
5. Practical Tips for Appearing at Casting Auditions and every audition for Degrassi, always arrive in the venue one earlier. For open auditions for Degrassi, consider staying in the venue two hours earlier a person personally will along with a long line during open says. Form-fitting clothes are good but wear something that is not too revealing. Towards the hairstyle and makeup, if possible, hire professionals. A person can will perform your part is 50 per cent of fight.